We Are Living in A
COVID Tyranny

Irish Warrior,

British Legend,

Forgotten Hero...

In the USA a court filing has revealed that their Government has 11 or 12 reporting systems for vaccine deaths and injuries, as well as VAERS.


Just one of those has revealed that over 45,000 people have died within 3 days of getting the jab. This is over FOUR TIMES more than the VAERS reports, and just one of the reporting systems.


VAERS data is collected over 18 months and only between 1% and 10% of vaccine injuries are reported (their own estimates).


Now this new data show just ONE of 11 or 12 reporting systems showing 45,000 dead in 3 days. How many within 7 days, or 14 days or 28 days?


When will you Wake Up to the Tyranny that we are being subjected to?


The Politicians KNOW what is going on, what the reality is, but now they want to start jabbing Children and Babies.


How can THEY do that?


Could YOU give that order? What kind of a person would that make YOU?


In France, Greece, and the UK the jabs are being made mandatory.


Do you think Paddy Mayne would have been okay with this? Or his contemporaries?


If a senior officer gave him an order he didn’t agree with he would refuse it, more than one were simply knocked out by Lt Col Mayne.


Do you think they’d just sit back and watch their own people being slaughtered?


The people who stood up to Hitler and the SS, totally outnumbered but fought because it was THE RIGHT THING to do!


So where are his modern day military equivalents?


What are you waiting for?


All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing…


In the Second World War Robert Blair “Paddy” Mayne and his men were fighting evil. They didn’t yet know the truth or full scale of the horrors of the concentration camps, or the butchering of Allied soldiers, like at Vosges.


But they knew evil when they saw it, and were opposed to it with every fibre and sinew of their being.


So what do you see now?


Do you believe that you are on the side of good, or serving the darkest evil?


Are you serving the people of this country, or those that are doing serious long term harm to innocent people, Children and now even Babies?


What will it take to wake you up and take action to stop this?


Will it be the vaccine death or permanent injury of your own Children, or your Wife, your Brother, your Sister, your Mother, or your Father?


By then it might well be too late to stop them.


I can’t believe that you don’t care what’s happening.


We know you’re the bravest of the brave.


Whether you joined the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Police – didn’t you swear an oath?


An oath to protect the people of this country from all threats, military and terrorist, foreign and domestic?


So where are you now when you’re needed the most?


Following orders? Don’t want to rock the boat?


Will you fire on your own desperate citizens if they give you that order?


How would you feel about that?


If someone doesn’t take a stand and say “no more” soon, then we’re about to enter the darkest period of human history there has ever been. How do you want to remember your role in that?


It’s time to WAKE UP, STAND UP, and TAKE ACTION – NOW!