Irish Warrior,

British Legend,

Forgotten Hero...

Robert Blair “Paddy” Mayne was one of the most decorated British soldiers of WW2 thanks to his incredible, death defying feats which saw him responsible for single handedly destroying over 100 Luftwaffe aircraft on the ground behind enemy lines in Libya and Egypt.


A founder member, and wartime leader of the SAS, before the war he was an accomplished amateur boxer, Irish international rugby player who toured South Africa with the British Lions, and had qualified in law.


By the end of the war he had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel,had been awarded the DSO with 3 bars, the Croix De guerre and Legion of Honour by the French, and was controversially denied the Victoria Cross.


After the war he embarked on a British Antarctic Survey of the Falklands, and became the Secretary to the Law Society of Northern Ireland.


He died in a car crash in 1955, 10 years after the war ended. Despite his incredible legacy he was, unbelievably, just 40 years old.


In WW2 he was a household name. Today he is forgotten. It’s time for his story to be told…

Early Years: Before the War

The Start of WW2

Joining The Fledgling SAS

Early Missions: Libya & Egypt

Later War: Paddy's SAS

After the War: Civvy Street